Zero waste swaps for manageable new habits

We’re a month and a few days into our Zero Plastic / Low Waste lifestyle and it has been a great journey so far. But there is still something that I struggle with when making zero waste swaps and I’m sure you do, too.

Exploring social media and and blogs I see the same products over and over again. And people DIY-ing their own napkins, cleaning clothes, products, makeup, you name it!

And I’ve been thinking to myself. Is it still possible to have a sense of personal style and identity and go zero waste? Is it possible to not lose yourself in the process?

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Climbing in Tenerife: All you need to know to plan your trip

Of all the places I have top roped and bouldered Spain, climbing in Tenerife has been one of the most spectacular. The little island just off the cost of North Africa is ideal for both sports and getting a bit of sun.

This super tranquil island is sure to blow you away and it isn’t full of too many tourists that you will have a difficult time getting around or getting to climb. It feels just like a small pueblo of mainland Spain, but it’s so much more! And, there are climbs for all levels.

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Mexico City in 20 Pictures: Pujol & The Anthropology Museum

When I traveled to Mexico City I didn’t know what to expect. But my sensation after spending a long weekend there was, wow this is a place I think I could live.

Amazing food, friendly people, and an incredible culture. You can stay in an excellent hotel, in a safe area, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And many parts are walkable!

Mexican food is one of my favorite cusines. We had the change to try authentic quesadillas from a street vender. And also, to eat at Michelin Star restaurant Pujol. The meal was divine, super elaborated and flavorful. And the best part, he price was reasonable!

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Ultimate Guide of Tips & Tricks for Marathon Runners

It has now been 10 years since my first marathon. 3 more marathons, 4 half marathons, 2 200-mile relay races and dozens of smaller races later, you can say I picked up a lot of tips along the way. There are so many things to remember to have a good race. Here’s all the detail you need to feel comfortable and prepared going into your marathon.

If you’re a first timer, I recommend that you read the full article and take not of everything. It’s a lot, but it will help you be as prepared as possible for your first race.

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A greener kitchen: 5 easy and cheap switches

Apart from recycling glass jars into food containers, trading paper products for cloth, and buying groceries free of plastic, there are a few other ways to make your kitchen greener.

I don’t understand the obsessed with trading in their straws for fancy metal ones. I don’t think I’ve used a straw in 10 years or more. But, these switches I found are the most helpful and meaningful in my daily life.

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Menorca in 20 Pictures: Start planning your next vacation to Spain

Travel to Menorca just before high season to take advantage of these beautiful sights with little or not other tourist competing for your space on the beach. The calm of being one of very few visitors and spending less make the vacation all the more worthwhile.

Keep in mind that many business may be doing their renovations before the holiday season is in full gear, so you might not get to go to the best restaurants and bars. But, after all, the best things to see on Menorca are the beaches!

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Caving, a thrilling adventure sport

I love trying new adventure sports, so when I got the opportunity to join some former co-workers spelunking, or caving, last year, I jumped on the opportunity. From my experience as a rock climber the movements came quite naturally.

It’s just a matter of going down instead of going up, and managing a different set of rules. While the gear is different the same basic concepts apply. There are ropes, harnesses, and safety devices. And of course a detailed process to guide you safely.

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10 Tips to Go Plastic Free

After a week of going plastic free, I can begin to explain the amazing change that we were able to make in just a short period of time. Our trash and recycling has reduced significantly and we’re make much more conscious decisions about what to eat and where to get it from.

A lot of the lifestyle in Barcelona already leads to be be less wasteful. Most apartment are equipped with washing machines, but not dryers and everyone is used to using drying racks to manage their laundry.

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10 free online tools for entrepreneurs and marketers


Project Management

One of my favorite project management tools has to be Asana. It has a super easy user interface and gives you the opportunity to assign owners to tasks and subtasks and sub-subtasks.

One great advantage that I find over other tools, like Trello, is that you can add due dates to subtasks. Additionally, you can set tasks up either in lists or boards depending on your needs. Lastly, the Asana app is easy to use and helps you stay abreast of your tasks on the go.

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