Zero Waste Kitchen

Check out some amazing products to help make living zero waste easier. There are many great swaps you can make by simply looking for plastic alternatives and avoiding packaging.

Great finds to shop online and swap!

bodum-storage-jars tabletop-wine-rack bamboo-tight-canister stainless-steel-funnels marble-rollingpin-stand hanging-wall-organizer-kids grip-cutting-board steel-watering-can cooper-wisk copper-tongs stainless-steel-measuring-cups wood-stainless-steel-compost-bin glass-microwave-cover spice-jars-clamp-lid metal-dustpan-broom storage-jars-clamp elastic-bag-bands-silicone olive-wood-spoon-rest wooden-nesting-measuring-cups measuring-cups-spoons-set serving-board-glass-cloche tea-infuser-bottle square-oil-bottle square-glass-bottle-clamp tunis-oil-bottle mesh-strainer blue-mason-jars white-utility-kitchen-canisters mason-jar-set-12 baking-mats-silicone soma-glass-water-bottle avocado-savers-huggers cooper-canisters lidded-glass-bowls-set-12 reclaimed-wood-cookbook-stand pyrex-set-24-storage-bowls-glass medium-market-basket

Need Supply Co. Finds

I recently learned about Need Supply Co. and after looking through their catalogue of products, so many fit well with the zero waste lifestyle that I have to include them here.

Uncommon Good Finds

Here are some great items from Uncommon Goods for your low waste kitchen. And their gadget are always such fun!

Anthropologie Finds

There are some SALE items that I found on Anthropologie this week that fit perfectly into a zero waste home. Check them out before they are gone!

zero-waste-fruit-basket zero-waste-bag-clip zero-waste-paperclips zero-waste-cannister zero-waste-dish-towel zero-waste-mug zero-waste-plate zero-waste-flower-pot